Jessica Cargile

Haven Real Estate Group is a Real Estate Brokerage that Focuses on both professional and personal training for their agents.

Many agents find that after joining Haven Real Estate Group, they experience their lives growing exponentially. Are you ready to accelerate your life?

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Elizabeth Sorensen

Many agents start their real estate career at another firm and soon realize that their career could grow exponentially if they moved to a firm that is “Agent-Focused”. 

A place where the owners and managers do not work with clients, but rather, focus on training their agents to consistently deliver an exceptional consumer experience and how to build a sustainable career in a highly competitive industry.

Pamela Glende

“I’ve been an agent for about four-and-a-half years. I started off with Haven Real Estate Group!

With real estate it is an ongoing learning experience… things change all the time, and here at Haven, they are on top of everything and keep us educated about the changes and just how to handle different situations.

They do a lot of leadership training… I feel like they teach us to bring value to our clients. 

It just is a really great place to work. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!”

Hannah Masters

Building a sustainable career in real estate is difficult enough without having to also compete with the Brokerage Owner, Team Leader or Branch Manager and agent works with.  

At Haven Real Estate Group, our Owners and Managers do not actively work with clients, instead, focus on supporting, full-time, their agents growth.

“I joined Haven Real Estate Group because I love the leadership here.

Rob and Cambria are non-compete broker/owners, meaning they don’t make money unless I make money.”

Heather Schelling

I absolutely love it here! To some degree, Haven chose me without even realizing it! There is another broker here that I have been friends with. We’ve kind of followed each other throughout each of our careers, and she really encouraged me to join.

As soon as I walked in and just felt the team environment and how much Rob and Cambria truly care about us and our success…

The feeling that you have when you come into the meetings or into the office is something I’ve never experienced it before.”

Andria Sanchez

“I think when choosing a brokerage it is important to consider and evaluate a brokerage’s culture and when I was interviewing brokerages, I started to ask myself, “Are they supportive and are they going to foster my individual growth?”

It didn’t take me long to see the note of Haven’s core values and beliefs Haven’s culture is a family culture.

What’s cool about it is that there is no competition from the Brokerage owners. 

Everyone is very supportive of each other and are very relationship-focused.