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Haven Real Estate Group is a Real Estate Brokerage that Focuses on both professional and personal training for their agents.

Many agents find that after joining Haven Real Estate Group, they experience their lives growing exponentially. Are you ready to accelerate your life?

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Elizabeth Sorensen

Many agents start their real estate career at another firm and soon realize that their career could grow exponentially if they moved to a firm that is “Agent-Focused”. 

A place where the owners and managers do not work with clients, but rather, focus on training their agents to consistently deliver an exceptional consumer experience and how to build a sustainable career in a highly competitive industry.

Pamela Glende

“I’ve been an agent for about four-and-a-half years. I started off with Haven Real Estate Group!

With real estate it is an ongoing learning experience… things change all the time, and here at Haven, they are on top of everything and keep us educated about the changes and just how to handle different situations.

They do a lot of leadership training… I feel like they teach us to bring value to our clients. 

It just is a really great place to work. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!”

Hannah Masters

Building a sustainable career in real estate is difficult enough without having to also compete with the Brokerage Owner, Team Leader or Branch Manager and agent works with.  

At Haven Real Estate Group, our Owners and Managers do not actively work with clients, instead, focus on supporting, full-time, their agents growth.

“I joined Haven Real Estate Group because I love the leadership here.

Rob and Cambria are non-compete broker/owners, meaning they don’t make money unless I make money.”

Toni Stanford

“Haven has supported me so much. A year ago, I was struggling with my real estate career and I was not feeling like I was getting the help I needed. I wasn’t experiencing the growth I was wanting…

I reached out to Robert Henry at Haven, and I was immediately amazed at the support I received even before ever becoming an agent. He was so willing to help me whether I became an agent (at Haven) or not. It made quite an impression on me.

I just couldn’t see not working here… the culture is just so alive here. The training that we get at Haven is just top-notch!

Ellen Sanford

“My name is Ellen Sanford and I’ve been with Haven Real Estate Group for over a year-and-a-half.

I left one of the big brokerages and came over but I actually started in real estate in 2009.

We all support each other here. We all are each other’s best cheerleaders and then the support staff here also is very helpful too.

And so they support you, they give you all of the background things that you need, they help you with lead generation. They really get your business off the ground.”

Keri McCombs

“I have been a real estate agent for just over three years with Haven Real Estate Group. 

Robert and Cambria, the owners of Haven Real Estate Group are really passionate about encouraging personal growth and development.

The kind of support that I receive here is support to grow as an agent, but also to grow as an individual, in all aspects of my life.

They want us to lead lives that we love, they want us to grow in real estate, our marriages and relationships to be phenomenal and they want us to pursue the things that we love!”

Kylene Emery

I chose to work here because after interviewing a lot of the other agencies, I just felt like this place had more of a sense of abundance.  

The best way I can describe that is when you go to meetings and you see that people are doing great. You know, they have a lot of houses pending they have a lot of clients they’re working with.

Haven Real Estate Group supports me, because I mean, by answering the phone! 

 I just feel that they are a lot more invested in my success and everyone’s success. I don’t know how they do it. 

Jody Lee

“Robert and Cambria (Owners of Haven)are always there with an encouraging word…

they are always there when we need somebody on the phone when we need help with a transaction.” 

Connie Tracy

A former school teacher, shares why she chose Haven Real Estate Group as the place to launch her new career!

Jo Skipper

Washington and Idaho Realtor, Jo Skipper shares why she chose to grow her career with Haven Real Estate Group.

Heather Schelling

I absolutely love it here! To some degree, Haven chose me without even realizing it! There is another broker here that I have been friends with. We’ve kind of followed each other throughout each of our careers, and she really encouraged me to join.

As soon as I walked in and just felt the team environment and how much Rob and Cambria truly care about us and our success…

The feeling that you have when you come into the meetings or into the office is something I’ve never experienced it before.”

Bernie Dituri

“Everyone is so supportive of one another in our little Community. It’s just amazing to see every day. It’s just it’s such an honor to be part of such a supportive Organization/Community.

I don’t even know where to start with how they’ve supported me. There are just so many ways that they are just a huge support system for me, not only like professionally but personally and just the friendship and family that I get from Haven Real Estate Group is just amazing. It’s just been a really eye-opening experience and I just really am happy that I decided to take part in it.”

Dixie Simon

Shortly before beginning her career in real estate, Dixie underwent extensive surgery as a result of having throat cancer impacting her ability to speak… Dixie had concerns about being able to “make it” in real estate…

Most real estate firms teach their agents to “pound the phones” and make lots of “prospecting calls” to drum up business. Dixie chose a firm, Haven Real Estate Group, that trains agents to brand themselves by offering valuable and educational type content to potential clients, rather than harassing people with endless phone calls… This method, of providing value to potential clients, appealed to Dixiec and she has absolutely flourished in her new career.

Amber Tice

Spokane Realtor, Amber Tice, shares why choosing Haven Real Estate Group to launch her career in Real Estate was the best decision for her.

Haven Real Estate Group was founded to better serve agents.

Kathryn Haworth

Moses Lake Realtor, Kathryn Haworth, shares why she chose Haven Real Estate Group as the place to elevate her real estate career!

If you’re an agent seeking to elevate your real estate career, call us today at (509) 255-3754

Curt Sienkiewicz

Coeur d’Alene Realtor Curt Sienkiewicz talks about Haven Real Estate Group.

If you are a Real Estate agent and you are looking for a home – A real estate firm that truly works for YOU, the agent… A firm that invests in YOU; A firm that helps YOU deliver a first-class experience to your clients; A firm with an extraordinary culture and world-class professional training; A firm that helps you brand YOU – that understands that you are the most valuable and integral link to the consumer; A firm with an incredible and collaborative culture… Haven Real Estate Group may be just the place for you. Call (509) 255-3764 in Washington or (208) 651-1626 in Idaho to discuss what it would take to make Haven Real Estate Group YOUR home!

Andria Sanchez

“I think when choosing a brokerage it is important to consider and evaluate a brokerage’s culture and when I was interviewing brokerages, I started to ask myself, “Are they supportive and are they going to foster my individual growth?”

It didn’t take me long to see the note of Haven’s core values and beliefs Haven’s culture is a family culture.

What’s cool about it is that there is no competition from the Brokerage owners. 

Everyone is very supportive of each other and are very relationship-focused. 

Ariadne Gold-Tormey

“They (Haven) offer a lot of opportunities to the agents both in terms of building your business, by working on personal development and also in terms of building your business by, you know, gaining clients and learning how to gain clients and how to do the best for your clients.

So they give us all of the opportunity you could possibly want. You just kind of have to take it and get to where you want to be.”

Shayla Reck

“The atmosphere here is completely different than anywhere else. You just have to stop by and see for yourself and it just takes a few minutes of being here and it’s like an addiction. You’re hooked!

Haven has been amazing; exploding me in my real estate career. Not only from the quality of the leads that they give me. Being always available. Having different training. Having things accessible at your fingertips and the knowledge that they back with themselves.

The confidence that they bring to the table really makes you rise up too.”

Robert Sherwood

Spokane Realtor, Robert Sherwood, shares what he appreciates about the support and guidance he experiences at Haven Real Estate Group.

Are you a real estate agent in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene or Sandpoint that is looking for a positive and progressive brokerages that works together to serve clients?

Emily Scheller-Cowart

Spokane Realtor Emily Scheller moved to Haven Real Estate Group from another firm because of the sense of team and support at Haven.

Are you a real estate agent in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene or Sandpoint that is looking for a positive and progressive brokerages that works together to serve clients?

Katie Grimm

Spokane Realtor Katie Grimm discusses how the leadership offered at Haven Real Estate Group provides the groundwork for her to grow.

Are you a real estate agent in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene or Sandpoint that is looking for a positive and progressive brokerages that works together to serve clients?