Meet Our Owners and Executive Team

Spokane Realtor Cambria HenryCambria Henry | Co-Founder of Haven Real Estate Group

Cambria and her husband, Robert Henry, founders of Haven Real Estate Group, are passionate about teaching agents the skills required to ensure the greatest likelihood of success.

What makes Haven founders different from many brokerage owners or team leaders is:

👉  They do not work with clients (meaning they don’t compete with their agents for business).

👉 Their agents are their clients – Rob and Cambria work FOR them.

Cambria and Robert spend all their time working for their agents, guiding them, and helping them build systems that leverage their time.

“We want to help as many agents as possible to THRIVE through the upcoming uncertainty – NOT just SURVIVE it.”

We are NOT a traditional brokerage that hires anyone and everyone… We are selective… We seek agents who exhibit commitment, grit, professionalism, experience, and a can-do attitude, are someone people like… and are coach-able and ready to take action…

If you’re open-minded, and maybe one of those agents that I described, and are looking for more… a better way of running your business so you can achieve your goals AND have a life … Let’s connect.”

Call Cambria directly at 208.651.1626

Spokane Realtor Robert Henry | Co-Founder of Haven Real Estate Group | Performance CoachRobert Henry | Co-Founder of Haven Real Estate Group | Performance Coach | Speaker | Author

As a Brokerage Owner and Performance Coach who’s helped Agents sell Hundreds of Millions in real estate, some of the top questions I get asked are…

How did you… Guide a 19-year-old brand new agent to selling 9 homes in her first six months?

  • How did you… Guide an experienced agent to explode her sales production by 368 Percent within a year.
  • How did you… Guide a brand-new agent o selling 13 homes in less than a year.
  • How did you guide a brand-new agent to sell more than 30 homes in her first full year?
  • How did you… Develop a training and on-boarding platform that even experienced agents often ask,

    “Why didn’t any of the other brokerages teach these things before”?

I want to show you the proven systems and processes we use to coach and train agents to get the results I’ve shared. Systems where we bypass the outdated “one-size-fits-all” sales tactics everyone uses and feel frustrated, wondering why their business isn’t growing like the examples I just shared with you.

All you need is an open mind and willingness to take action;

Finally, you could be doing what it takes to really grow your business… 

In a 30-minute confidential meeting, we will find the opportunities you are missing out on and what to do about them…

As a Performance Coach committed to the growth of an agent’s business, and the freedom they desire in their personal life, I will quickly break down the top 3 areas of your business that have the most immediate and most significant opportunity for growth and send you on your way with action steps…

And we won’t talk about my company or the company or team you work with. We will focus on the only thing that matters, you and your business.

If interested in meeting in person or by zoom for 30 minutes, please send me a confidential message or give me a call 509-413-9634; or visit:

Jennifer Tiffany | Operations Manager

The reason so many of our agents succeed is due to the amazing support they receive behind the scenes.

Jennifer Tiffany, our Operations Manager, is a perfect example.

She is truly the heart of our organization. Jennifer helps our agents ensure that they are protecting our clients and advocating for their interests to the best of their abilities. The day-to-day life of a real estate agent can be both exhilarating and heartbreaking. The emotional stress can be overwhelming. Jennifer is always there to guide our agents through the many ups and downs.

“I first met Jennifer back in 2009 when I was a brand-new agent. At that time, she worked with a title and escrow company. She took the time to teach me how to read a title report and how to use the tools and services of a title company to benefit my clients. She was so knowledgeable, so patient, so professional, and just so nice, that I thought, “Wow if I ever were to start a real estate company, I would want her to be a part of our company.”” – Robert Henry

Within a year of starting Haven Real Estate Group, Jennifer joined us and she has been an absolute blessing to everyone around her.

Colleen Streeter | Marketing Manager

Colleen Streeter is the Marketing Manager at Haven. To be fair, she’s so much more than that.

Every single role at Haven Real Estate Group exists to serve our clients – to ensure that anyone that does business with, or interacts with Haven has an extraordinary experience.

Colleen is one of our key members that work behind the scenes to ensure that our agents are the heroes, so that they (our agents) have everything they need to guide their clients flawlessly!

She works tirelessly. She’s amazing!

And she’s just one of several, behind the scenes, that takes pride in making a significant difference for others.

Jesse Miller | Agent Success Coach and Mentor

Serving and hard work are principles Spokane/North Idaho REALTOR® Jesse Miller has always lived by.

He grew up in the small town of Priest River in Northern Idaho and was raised to always put the community first. He quickly grew to recognize the accomplishment and self-fulfillment that comes from serving others.

Jesse discovered his love for real estate soon after starting the process of looking for his first home. He said that the process revealed a large-scale way to serve others that he could not pass up.

He soon started looking for a real estate agency to call home and stumbled across Haven Real Estate Group. After one meeting with Rob and Cambria, he knew it was the right place for him. He admired the agency’s dual focus on personal growth and cultivating exceptional client experiences.

Jesse is consistently a top-performing agent at Haven. Additionally, Jesse serves his peers in his role as a “Success Coach and Mentor.”

Often new agents struggle to figure out how to prioritize activities within their demanding schedule. Jesse walks them through the systems and tools available to agents and teaches them how to efficiently leverage those tools to serve their clients.

His hard work and determination allow Jesse to be the type of person that people immediately trust, and he believes this is what helps him excel for clients who need to sell or buy a home. Jesse believes that once you have the trust of a client they will be able to rely on you and that utter confidence will allow him to shoulder any stress or uncertainty for his clients. 

In addition to building his career and mentoring agents, Jesse is also busy building his body. He competes in bodybuilding competitions, which he says have taught him the skills of determination and self-discipline which have spilled into his personal life. He explains that there are days when he doesn’t want to do the work anymore, but he knows that he has to fight for his goals every day in order to succeed and he brings that same strong work ethic to his real estate clients.


Heather Schelling | Agent Success Coach and Mentor

Heather is a role model for managing a life as a successful realtor. She has many roles in her life, one of which is being a Mentor and Success Coach for agents at Haven.

In addition to being a top-rated agent for her clients, Heather helps agents at Haven learn the ins-and-outs of the real estate business.

She brings 25 years of experience in the customer service industry, so it is no surprise that she is a top-rated realtor amongst clients and is highly respected by her peers. She has a motto she borrows from her 15+ years as a Rotarian:

“Service Above Self”

As the proud mom of two children, Heather loves coaching the school Cross-County club every fall and volunteering for multiple school projects throughout the year. Heather also enjoys spending as much time as she can indulging in the natural beauty of our region.

When she’s not helping clients, mentoring peers, spending time with her kids, or working to make her community a better place, you’ll find Heather studying Jeet Kune Do – a martial art that applies the idea of absorbing what’s useful and setting aside what is not. Heather has been training with Northwest Jeet Kune Do for over 5 years, and she is a dedicated student who appreciates the balance of mind, body, and spirit the practice promotes.

Heather sets the standard for professionalism, service, and dedication